The school is having good infrastructure blended with latest technologies. Spacious, airy, Class Rooms with comfortable desk bench, well equipped computer laboratory, pleasant well stocked library hall, modern play equipments for Nursery & Kg, adequate hygienic toilets, adequate play ground, back up generator for uninterrupted power supply and quality drinking water from AQUAGUARD altogether a serene hygienic school campus ideal for study atmosphere. Ample parking space for private cars.


The school is maintaining a well stocked Library, it is the temple of the school. It consists of a wide range of different subject books, reference books, novels, books on travels, sports, scientific fiction, encyclopedias, magazines, & daily newspapers etc. The Library has a spacious reading room where students can sit and read their respective books of interest during library hours.


The school has well equipped Labrotories, comprising of Physics, Chemistry & Biology lab instruments/accessories with a view to give students practical experience about how the various experiments that they read in their textbooks.

Computer lab

The School has well furnished Computer laboratory equipped with adequate number of Computer with modern software & installations. Various courses are taught by skilled Computer teachers as per the curriculum. The Computer Laboratory is also equipped with WLL internet connection through Local Area Networking.

CCTV Surveillance

The School has installed CCTV surveillance in all major areas and Classrooms for better monitoring and observation of the School.

Smart Class

The School has also installed Edu Comp Smart Classes (Audio-Visual system of teaching) with latest technology having updated as per CBSE Syllabus, which helps children to get exposures & better understanding of various subjects in present day context.

School Bus

We provide school buses for safe transport of students. The school hires buses and pays the bus owners a fixed hiring charge. Discontinuing the bus facility has financial implications.

Bus Route covers all major routes in south up to Katlicherra and in North up to Algapur Timatha. (Detail route plan is available in school office)